Missoula’s Premiere Air Conditioning Company

    AC Company in Missoula, MT
    Since 1977, Temp Right Service has been working hard to make sure the people of Missoula, MT, get quality air conditioning service. Often called the hub of five valleys, Missoula is known for its hot, dry climate, so we know just how important reliable air conditioning service is to residents. Our air conditioning company values doing things right the first time. Due to our keen attention to detail, we have a satisfaction guaranteed policy. Our technicians meet the highest standards for professionalism and expertise. They are highly and regularly trained to offer professional and efficient services.

    24 Hour HVAC Emergency Services in Missoula, MT

    What we offer:
    • 24/7 emergency repair services
    • Financing for AC installations on approved credit
    • Heating and air conditioning services
    • Professional team
    • Transparent and honest pricing
    • Commercial and residential services

    Fast Missoula Air Conditioning Repairs

    One of the many reasons we are the top Missoula air conditioning company is our ability to provide prompt service. When something is going wrong with your unit, our technicians are available at any time of day to repair it. This ensures you can stay comfortable even if your AC breaks down during the hottest part of summer!

    Signs you need repairs include:
    • Unusually high electric bills
    • Water dripping from the ceiling or near the AC unit
    • An AC unit that cannot maintain your desired temperature
    • Strange squeaking, rattling or banging noises
    • Unit that won’t turn on

    Quality AC Installations in Missoula, MT

    The Best in Missoula AC Installations

    Upgrade the cooling system in any building by using our air conditioning installation services. One of the things that makes us stand out from other Missoula air conditioning service providers is our dedication to in-house engineering and fabrication. We can design an AC system for your individual needs, from the ductwork to the unit size. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Trusted Missoula AC Maintenance

    Getting regular Missoula air conditioning maintenance from Temp Right Service keeps your unit operating as well as possible. During maintenance, technicians can spot and fix tiny problems before they become major issues. We can also help keep your machine running as efficiently as possible, so you have clean, cool air without an excessively high electric bill.

    Temp Right Service is the trusted provider of cooling services in Missoula. In addition to our outstanding Missoula air conditioning services, we offer a full range of heating services as well! When you want cooling done right and a company that honors their work, give us a call to learn more about our services.