Building Information Modeling

In addition to standard detailing and coordination, we provide a specialized service called Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is a process of planning and coordination that incorporates cutting-edge technology to share and combine 3-D renderings with the other stakeholders involved in the project. An entire project is built in 3-dimensions, including steel beams and columns. This software allows us to virtually walk through with clients in any direction and detect coordination conflicts before the construction process.

Benefits of BIM:


  • BIM will help for more streamlined installation as all issues are resolved in trade coordination that will result for a better quality construction.
  • Contractors can create accurate construction schedules and arrange necessary materials.
  • Prefabrication & assembly of materials in a controlled, factory environment resulting in higher quality at a lower cost.
  • BIM offers a good cost estimation (quantity takeoff) throughout bidding and procurement.
  • BIM can check possible conflicts that may arise during building construction.
  • BIM allows for more “what if” scenarios, such as construction sequencing options, shuffling of human resources, fine-tuning cost factors, etc.
  • BIM assists clients and end-users in realizing and visualizing the end product.
  • Shop drawing reduction (model to fabrication)
  • Digital fabrication (steel, HVAC ducts, piping)