Don’t Dread the Montana Winter When You Choose the Right Furnace

If there’s one thing that separates a miserable Montana winter from an enjoyable one, it’s a quality furnace. With a good heating system in place, you can keep your home comfortable without worrying about exorbitant utility bills or constant breakdowns. Therefore, when you need to replace your furnace, it’s important to take some time to evaluate your different options to ensure that you make the best purchase for your needs. At Temp Right Service, we replace a lot of furnaces, meaning that we have a pretty good idea of what you need to look for in a heater.

Choose Your Fuel Type

Modern furnaces come in two main varieties: gas and electric. Gas furnaces use propane or natural gas to fuel a flame to heat your house. Electric furnaces, on the other hand, use electricity to heat up a resistive metal that then heats the air as it flows past. Although both types of furnaces can provide reliable heat, at Temp Right Service, we tend to recommend gas furnaces for most applications. Gas furnaces can create more heat with less energy. Given the cold temperatures experienced during Montana winters, this is a key selling point.

Proper Size

Each furnace on the market is rated to create a specific volume of warm air while it operates. It’s important, then, that you consider this measurement when choosing a heater for your home. In fact, this measurement is so critical that it’s a good idea to have Temp Right Service properly measure your property to ensure you end up with a unit that will efficiently support your heating needs. Precision is important because furnaces that are too big or too small can lead to inefficiencies in heating. Therefore, the interior volume of your house must be calculated to determine which furnace is best.

Consider the Warranty

Once you zero in on the size of furnace you need, it’s important to consider the different brands. There are many quality furnace brands that we highly recommend. There are also budget brands meant for homeowners on a tight budget that can provide reliable heating as well. The main difference between budget brands and premium brands is the overall build quality.

Budget brands tend to be built with components that are less durable, meaning that the furnace itself won’t last as long. Plus, budget brands tend to have limited warranties when compared to their premium counterparts. Therefore, you need to decide if you want to spend less now but replace your furnace sooner or spend more now and enjoy more years of service from your heater.

We Can Help You Through the Process

At Temp Right Service, we value the relationships that we build with our customers in Missoula. That’s why we pledge to help you through the process when it’s time to replace your furnace. We can also assist when you need other HVAC maintenance or repairs or when you’re building a new home and need a complete system installation. Since we’ve been in business for more than 40 years, we have plenty of experience to ensure we do the job right every time. Take a moment to check out our five-star customer reviews, and then give us a call at Temp Right Service today.

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