In-House Engineering Department

A primary focus of Temp Right Service, Inc. for many years has been the provision of design-build services. We are uniquely equipped with a dedicated in-house Engineering Department led by a highly experienced registered mechanical engineer. We have a long and impressive resume of projects serving as both the designer and constructor. We deliver projects when they are needed, how they are needed, and at a construction cost we guarantee in advance. Our long list of successful projects offers our customers the assurance of quality, timely, cost effective project deliveries.

Design-build contractors typically outsource design services to independent consulting firms. Our capacity to utilize our in-house engineering group, rather than outsourcing, yields great value for our customer and owners.

engineeringIn-house engineering benefits include:

  • Lower Design Cost
  • Lower Construction Cost
  • Reduced Schedule
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Improved Document Coordination
  • “Single Source” Responsibility