Get Ahead of Indoor Air Pollutants with these HVAC Upgrades

Indoor air pollutants are no fun. While some people seemingly aren’t affected by poor indoor air quality, many Americans suffer from a lower quality of life as a result of indoor air pollutants. Nothing can safely be substituted for medical advice though these HVAC fixes will certainly improve your indoor air quality.

Try High-efficiency Particulate Air Filters

High-efficiency particulate air filters, or HEPA filters, are the highest-quality consumer-ready air filters you can buy. After checking the dimensions of your HVAC system’s filters, shop around for well-reviewed HEPA filters. Although more expensive than economy air filters, high-quality HEPA filters are great for getting a headstart on improving indoor air quality.

Consider Getting Professional Duct Cleaning Help

Ducts transfer air from your home’s HVAC unit throughout the residence. They take the form of flexible, lightly insulated tubes that are run through your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings. Over time, even if you’ve regularly changed your air filters, dust still accumulates in HVAC ducts. Trying to clean ducts yourself isn’t recommended as it requires expensive equipment and technical know-how. By hiring a professional to clean your ducts, you’ll be protected from any mishaps thanks to your HVAC company’s insurance–not to mention they’ll get the job done correctly.

Welcome Other Forms of Ventilation

Your HVAC system needs to rest from time to time. On a daily basis, turn your central home ventilation unit off and open windows, doors, or turn on fans. To keep from welcoming dust, pollen, and other super-small pollutants into your home for good, consider operating one or more free-standing HEPA filters while ventilating your home. Note that free-standing HEPA filters can help at any time of day whether the central heating and cooling system is running, your windows are open, or not.

Our team of trained, insured, and bonded HVAC technicians regularly deals with homes that have poor indoor air quality. We can also help with ductless systems, construction services, and performance contracting in the Missoula, MT, area. Let us at Temp Right Service take care of your indoor air pollutant problems today.

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