How to Ensure an HVAC Company is Reliable

Your HVAC system keeps you cool during humid weather and warm during winter months. That is why you should choose a qualified HVAC company to perform your system’s maintenance, repairs or replacement.

Follow these four tips to hire the right HVAC contractor.

1. Check Licensing

Most states require that HVAC technicians have NATE certification and a minimum of two years of experience prior to licensing to learn how HVAC systems work. They should also be insured in case of accidents on your property. Ask about the company’s technicians, insurance policy, and what brands they are equipped to repair or install. You may be able to find their licensing information on their website or on that of a state government. If they refuse to answer questions about their licensing or insurance, look for another company.

2. Get References

A reputable company should have a reference list of customers who have used their service in the past. Get at least three references, and ask them the following:

  • Does the company complete work on time?
  • Do they patiently answer questions and address concerns?
  • Is the work completed to customer satisfaction?
  • Are they punctual?
  • Are they well-groomed and do they wear uniforms?
  • Do they perform tests after repairs or installation?

3. Choose Companies That Make in-home Estimates

Don’t accept a random figure from the internet or telephone or estimate based on only square footage. The company should visit your home and suggest the best system based on home size, insulation quality, and how many windows you have before giving estimates. Make sure to ask for an itemized list on what the quote covers.

4. Hire Companies with a Physical Address

Many HVAC services initially start in a home office, but they should have a physical address. Use a mapping application to pinpoint the company’s location or check the Better Business Bureau website which also provides reviews on individual businesses. Company’s that only operate by cell phone or don’t list an address on their site are cause for suspicion.

Contact HVAC Professionals

Choosing a reputable HVAC is only the first step to comfort. Temp Right Service in Missoula, MT, provides quality commercial and residential HVAC services including repair and installation as well as plumbing. Call us today to learn more or schedule a visit.

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