How to Monitor Your Indoor Air Quality

To help protect your family in your Missoula home, there are many safeguards that you can put in place. From home security systems to childproof medicine bottles, safety is an important part of everyday life. To improve your home’s safety even further, one thing you can do is monitor your home’s indoor air quality. Given the numerous contaminants that can exist in indoor air, we at Temp Right Service recommend the following steps to help you keep your air healthy.

Perform a Radon Test

Many people think that radon is only a problem for people who have basements. However, radon can affect homes of any type, even those with a simple slab foundation. Therefore, it’s important to test your home for radon to ensure that the concentrations of this radioactive material are within acceptable limits. If they’re not, you’ll need to install a radon removal system to prevent a risk of lung cancer in your family members.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While it typically takes several years of exposure for radon to cause negative health effects, carbon monoxide can cause problems in as little as a few minutes. That’s why we at Temp Right Service recommend protecting your home by installing carbon monoxide detectors. These devices can sense this odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is undetectable by humans. Even if a carbon monoxide release occurs at night, these detectors can alert you so that you can evacuate your home.

Call in the Pros

For the ultimate peace of mind, it’s a wise idea to have Temp Right Service come to your home and perform a complete array of air quality tests. We can check for everything from mold to formaldehyde, meaning that when we’re done, you’ll have an excellent understanding of what you need to do next. If you suspect that your home might have air quality problems, don’t hesitate to have a professional perform an air quality test.

Always on Your Side

For the men and women at Temp Right Service, their work goes far beyond a job, it’s more like a passion. This passion is reflected in the quality of work that we do, including air conditioner repair, furnace installation, and complete engineering services. With over four decades of experience, you can be confident that you can rely on us to help you when you’re having issues with your home’s comfort. To learn more about your home’s indoor air quality, contact us at Temp Right Service today.

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