What are Energy Efficient Curtains?

Energy Efficiency

Thermal curtains are manufactured to lower the transfer of heat and are typically made of four layers. The core of these curtains is made with thermal-resistant materials, i.e., cotton or foam. This core consists of two layers: one that faces the window and one that faces the room. The window layer saves energy by reflecting the heat of the day back outside, while the layer facing the room is more decorative. Lastly, there is a fourth layer that works to protect the fabric from condensation and the fabric from fading. How much energy the actual curtains save depends on the R-value granted by the manufacturer.

What Are the Benefits That Come With Getting Energy-Saving Curtains?

Energy-saving curtains are an effective alternative to energy-saving windows in that they are much easier to install and are more likely to cost less. On top of this, energy-saving curtains are just as likely to achieve a similar manufacturer rating as energy-saving double-pane windows. Besides a stellar rating, superior installation experience, and cost-effectiveness, energy-saving curtains can reduce the amount of sound and light that comes through. This means no more worrying about the neighbor’s dogs waking you up early with barking or the sunlight disturbing your sleep. They contribute to your comfort level as well. When the weather is cold outside, you can count on energy-saving curtains to keep the room warm. Conversely, when the weather is especially warm, energy-saving curtains keep the room nice and cool. This means that you will not have to pay as much for your heating and cooling systems because your air conditioning unit and furnace will not have to work as hard.

Employing these strategies can help to lower your monthly bills and reduce heat loss in Missoula, MT, all while still looking stylish in your living room or bedroom. Therefore, energy-saving curtains save you time, money, and the hassle of having to install energy-saving windows.

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