Will Air Conditioning Remove Home Humidity?

If you’ve ever come in from outside on a hot day, you may have stood near a vent somewhere in your home as the cool air blew through. While it’s clear that the air coming from your air conditioner is colder than the rest of the air in your house, are there other ways that your air conditioner works to keep your Missoula home comfortable? At Temp Right Service, we want to empower our customers with knowledge about their HVAC system. Read on to find out if your air conditioner removes humidity from your residence.

A Thoughtful Design

Your air conditioner is uniquely designed to be able to cool the air in your home. As the refrigerant flows through your refrigerant line, it is compressed in the outdoor unit, which raises its temperature. Then, this excess heat is expelled into the outside air. As the refrigerant reenters your house, it is expanded, which causes it to cool. By the time the refrigerant reaches the condenser coil, which sits just above your blower motor, it is cold to the point that the air moving over the coil can release heat into the refrigerant, which lowers the temperature of the air. Then, the air is blown throughout your household.

A Natural Process

At Temp Right Service, we believe it is necessary to understand the cooling process to make it easier to comprehend how your air conditioner removes humidity from the air. The condenser coil is made from metal. Metal is good at holding its temperature for long periods of time.

As air from your home blows over the cold metal in your condenser coil, the moisture in the air condenses on the cold metal, thus removing it from the air. When enough condensation collects on the coil, it drips down into a drip pan and flows through the condensate drain so that it can leave your house. Therefore, over the course of the cooling cycle, the entire volume of air that is cooled is also dehumidified.

This is good news because air that is less humid feels cooler and is more comfortable, in much the same way that the outside air in the fall feels more comfortable than the outside air during the summer. Thus, your air conditioner works in two ways to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Home Climate Comfort Needs

At Temp Right Service in Missoula, we want your residence to be comfortable at all times of the year. That is why, in addition to air conditioner maintenance, repair, and installation, we also offer furnace repair and maintenance as well as indoor air quality testing, commercial HVAC services, and even home construction services.

We offer 24/7 emergency repair service to provide you with the comfort you need, whenever you need it. For more than 40 years, we have been proud to serve this community and earned countless reviews from satisfied customers who have been thrilled by our commitment to service and professionalism. If you want to experience this commitment for yourself, we encourage you to give us a call today.

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