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Our goal with every client is to establish and build a long-term relationship. This relationship is built on our client’s trust that we as a company have and keep to the highest standards in the HVAC industry throughout the entire lifespan of the project and years of ongoing maintenance.

We get the job done right… the first time!

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What Our Clients Say

At Comfort Systems USA - Temp Right Service, our #1 goal is to offer superior products and services with a foundation built on efficient, reliable, and cost-effective residential and commercial comfort solutions. This is why we love to receive 5-Star Testimonials like the ones below from our customers!

Adrian did a Superior install job at my home on the new boiler system.

I just wanted to shoot you a note and say a big THANK YOU to Greg and Mike for their maintenance work this week. Everything went really smooth and they moved quickly with all the work. I appreciate them coming in early the past couple days, it makes things go by so much faster, less customer traffic in the store. We were lucky to have Greg, he does a really great job and knows the store (and employees) so well.

I was highly impressed with their work. I have had the a/c pm done before, but never as thorough as Earl did.

Mike and Chris have been doing a great job installing our new AC / duct system and have been very professional & courteous to work around during the project.

I scheduled my final plumbing inspection with Temp Right & she wanted you to know that they guys we have had out there were VERY, VERY GOOD!! I was very impressed & appreciates you. Jeremy Keim was the Service Plumber on that job.

I was really impressed with our level of professionalism from start to finish. I was also really impressed with the quality of work and cleanliness from Mike & Chris while at my home and would definitely recommend you to my friends and coworkers. Atta-Boys for Dave D and Mike H. for their excellent performance on the CSKT Fisheries walk-in freezer installation in Polson. The director informed me the system is exceeding their expectations and the guys were awesome at their jobs!

I just wanted to share the comments from the staff at our Hamilton and Broadway stores regarding the P/M your guys just completed. The short version is the LOVE IT! The stores have never been so comfortable, (in recent memory), and everyone appreciates what they did. So thanks from my team to yours. We are enjoying the new partnership.

Thanks to Earl J for all his hard work. Our equipment is working better than it has in a long timeu2026 esp. the make-up air unit.

Thanks to Temp Right for the wonderful service they provide u2013 Leonard was the technician.

Kudos to Patrick, good representative for the company, pleasant, and great social skills. Thanks him for fixing a small HVAC unit at one of the group homes.

Your technician was outstanding. Please let your company know at your next company meeting. Thank you.

My name is Tania Brazda. I am a member of the Missoula Community who would like to thank Temp Right Service for their exceptional employees, Mike Haugen. Recently I was involved in an auto accident in the upper Linda Vista area on my way to work. I was quite startled and disoriented when a member of the Temp Right Services Inc. whom as working in the area came to my assistance. I would like to say thank you to Mike Haugen individually for taking the time and concern to help a local citizen. It was comforting to know that someone was concerned for my well being. I would also like to say thank you to the receptionist, Cindy, who was very polite, understanding and willing to help me in finding out who had come to assistance, (as I was too disoriented to think to obtain Mike's name). The staff was very helpful and I would like to say because of these two specific employees, if ever my family and I need any type of service that Temp Right provides, we will absolutely employ your services. I ask that you, as the supervisor, please make special note of these two individuals and please place a copy of this letter in each of their personnel files for future use in connection to their employment status. It means a lot to me that when someone performs in an outstanding manner, that they are rewarded and appreciated for their behaviors.

Patrick, Thank you a million times over and over for fixing our furnace and our heat! You were so patient with not only our own questions, but with our dog Marlowe and our crabby baby! We so appreciate all the time you took with us, as well as your sense of humor and jovial attitude! You are such a joy and pleasure to work with! Thank you, thank you again!

Furnace is in and runs like a Swiss watch! Your guys are the best. They were fast, professional and cleaned up great. Nice guys Thanks much!

I cannot give enough praise to Greg, who has been in the past few days doing the Planned Maintenance. He is so very thorough and seems to care about our equipment as if it were his own. His awesome work ethic and integrity are very rare to see these days. He is very proactive about keeping me in the loop about any problems that he is finding in our cases; he's a great communicator. Even today, as he was checking out, he told me that he wanted to come back for our next quarterly and work after hours so that he could give our reach-in cases a really deep cleaning that could not be done during the hours in which the kitchen is in operation. This is just one example of the enthusiasm he has for getting the job done right. Also, any challenges that have come up, be it from me not having given him good info or if he finds that machines have seen a lot of neglect he takes them on with a smile and vigor. He is very easy to work with. Please pass this on to anyone at Temp Right that should need to hear about his stellar performance. Thanks!